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EASTER Deposit offers
Published on 02-04-2018

Hello Members ,

We have special EASTER Deposit offers for all our members :

*Add between $10 and 200$ ($10 - $200) and get 10% Bonus to your purchase balance INSTANTLY.
*Add between $200 and 1500$ ($200 - $1500) and get 15% Bonus to your purchase balance INSTANTLY.
*Add more than $1500 and get 20% Bonus to your purchase balance INSTANTLY.

Note : Everyone can ONLY use 3 times of EASTER Deposit offer.

*** The EASTER Deposit offers will end on the 6th of April 23:59 server time.




Best Regards

SoleBux Team,

PAYZA gateway activated again now !
Published on 24-03-2018

Hello dear Members ,

Today we enabled PAYZA gateways for our SoleBux members and all of Members (Who their country are allowing) can use PAYZA services like before for Depositing (Add Funds or Upgrading) and Withdraw with out any problems.



Best Regards

SoleBux Team,

All PAYZA funds seized by the US Government!
Published on 22-03-2018

Hello all members ,


Today the US Government seized and froze all funds with Payza.


If this means Payza will disappear for ever is not clear to anyone yet. There is no news or info on what currently is going on with Payza other then in the links provided.

For now we have disabled Payza for adding funds, purchases and withdrawals till Payza is able to resolve the legal issues.

What this exactly means for Payza depositors is at this point not clear untill Payza solves their problem first. We can\'t login into our Payza account as well.


URL Link for more information :



Best Regards

SoleBux Team,

Published on 15-02-2018

Hi all dear members,


SoleBux team always try to give Best service to their members , Because SOLEBUX is UNIQUE BUX .

And Now, SoleBux Live support is avilable and managed by SoleBux staffs (more than 60 support staffs) to give powerful help to members and answer to their questions In the shortest time possible.



Best Regards

SoleBux Team,



Our new earning way , UNLOCK THE SOLE VAULT
Published on 09-02-2018

Hello dear members ,

Today we presented Unlock the Sole Vault , a new way for have good earning.

You can test your chance and guess 4 digits number only with $0.1 costs per tries and if that was right you win the $100.

Your prize ($100) be tarnsferred to Main Balance and you can withdraw Instantly.

 URL link of Unlock the Sole Vault:


Best Regards

SoleBux Team,

New Special Packages !
Published on 28-01-2018

Hello dear Members ,


We always try to give best service to our members.

Our new Special Packages released now!

For visit and purchase them you can go to ADVERTISE page. (ADVERTISE -> Special Packages section)


Best Regards

SoleBux Team,

Thanks for your great welcome!
Published on 02-01-2018

Hello dear members ,


Our Christmas Promos been end , Thanks so much for your great welcome from the Offers

And thanks a lot for choosing SoleBux to investing.



SoleBux Team,

Christmas Promo No.2
Published on 26-12-2017

Hello again dear members ,

Christmas Promo No.2 start from now , We have given big BONUS in Christmas Promo No.2 ,


Christmas Promo No.2 :

*Add Less than $200 and get 10% Bonus to your purchase balance INSTANTLY.
*Add More than $200 and get 25% Bonus to your purchase balance INSTANTLY.
*Add More than $750 and get 40% Bonus to your purchase balance INSTANTLY.
*Amazing Offer : Add Exactly $1200 and get $2018 (69% Bonus) to your purchase balance INSTANTLY.

Note : Everyone can ONLY use 3 times of Christmas Promo No.2 .

***Christmas Promo No.2 will active until Jan 01 2018.

Merry Christmas 
SoleBux Team,

Christmas Promo No.1
Published on 19-12-2017

Hello dear members ,

From today we will start Christmas promos.


Christmas Promo No.1 :

*Upgrade or Extend your Membership to Bronze and get $5 + 15 R.Rs as a reward INSTANTLY.
*Upgrade or Extend your Membership to Silver and get $15 + 50 R.Rs as a reward INSTANTLY.
*Upgrade or Extend your Membership to Golden and get $25 + 100 R.Rs as a reward INSTANTLY.
*Upgrade or Extend your Membership to Super Golden and get $80 + 200 R.Rs as a reward INSTANTLY.
*Upgrade or Extend your Membership to Diamond and get $100 + 250 R.Rs as a reward INSTANTLY.
*Upgrade or Extend your Membership to Super Diamond and get $250 + 750 R.Rs as a reward INSTANTLY.
*Upgrade or Extend your Membership to SOLE Diamond and get $850 + 2018 R.Rs as a reward INSTANTLY.


Upgrade or Extend your Membership by going to UPGRADE page .


***Christmas Promo No.1 will active until Dec 25 2017.

Have nice holidays 
SoleBux Team,

Only 24 Hours left for BLACK Friday offers ...
Published on 30-11-2017

Hello again Dear members ,


Black Friday Offers will end in 11/30/2017   11.00 PM (server time).

So Only 24 Hours left for Black Friday offers ...



Thanks for a lot of members which chose SoleBux and had purchase in BLACK Friday.



Best Regards 

SoleBux Admin

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